Venus Secrets About us
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Venus Secrets is based in Athens, Greece. It has spent many years researching natural ingredients to develop top quality products for the skin, hair and body.


Venus was the Goddess of Love and Beauty, so it was only right to name these new products after her, as only she knew all the secrets of God’s Earth. And as we only try to use premium natural ingredients, we are sure we have followed her secrets.

We are based in Athens, Greece, the country where nature foundered its most natural ingredients. Therefore as a Greek company, we are lucky enough to have Gods natural beauty surrounding us, so we have taken full opportunity of this by using these ingredients in our products. In Ancient Greece the Gods created many of the herbs and plants that we take for granted today. A recent interest in Aromatherapy and natural healing has brought the use of herbs for beauty products to the media’s attention. But we have known all along the benefits behind using natural products for beauty, so it is about time we shared them with the rest of the world!


In our base in Athens, we work closely with our pharmacists in developing the highest standard possible. All our products are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards that comply with European and USA FDA safety regulations. We also work with a team of qualified dermatologists, who regularly test our products on humans only, not on animals.


Our main ingredients are organic Olive and organic Aloe, herbs, vitamins, plants and essential oils. Each product has its own unique and individual purpose. Whether it is lavender to rejuvenate the skin or olive to moisturize, we research each product intensively to give the best results possible. Most importantly we wanted to create a range of natural products that you can pamper yourself with every day, not just as a special treat without feeling guilty.
Because we have used all natural ingredients our extensive range of products are suitable for all ages and skin types. We have created products from shampoo to suntan lotion and we think we have created something that Venus would have been proud of.


We look forward to developing many more products from where God intended them to come from. . . nature.