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Terms of Use


1) Pay-Pal
It is the most widespread and secure method for online transactions. (Additional 4.7% Fee)

2) For Greek customers, payment on delivery is supported after the ACS courier service has been selected.

The tax is included on the prices displayed on our website. Until the full payment of the purchase price, the products remain the property of the vendor company.


We Ship all orders using the Greek Postal Services (ELTA) for worldwide order delivering.


Order handling – processing 2-3 working days. Delivery time: 7-10 days. You can check where your order is by using the tracking number which is sent to you via email.


You can track online your order by using the tracking number sent via email after your order has been shipped out.
You can use the tracking number in the following URL https://www.elta.gr/en-us/personal/tracktrace.aspx or you can enter your tracking number on the tracking field of your country’s website post office.



You have the right to return the entire order or part of it, in all the cases where by a demonstrable fault of venussecrets.com wrong products or products of poor quality, defective (error in taking the order, the pricing, its mission, bad packaging, etc.) were sold, within (14) calendar days from the date you’ve received it. It is being clarified that the maximum replacement’s time may not extend beyond fourteen (14) calendar days. If the order is not returned within fourteen (14) calendar days, venussecrets.com cannot accept any refund or replacement.

If the product needs to be refunded due to a mistake we made, we undertake the transportation costs for the product’s return. Nevertheless, if the customer wishes to return his order without company’s fault, he should send the order at the headquarters of our company and pay the transportation cost himself.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you are obliged to immediately contact us. You are also obliged to return the product in the state in which you received it, which means without breaking the seal of the package and by confirming that the special signs of the product have not been removed. In addition, together with the submission of the withdrawal statement, you shall include the payment receipt. The return will be accepted only upon approval of the company.

In an attempt to provide the best possible customer service, venussecrets.com enables you to submit online any complaint by filling in the relevant contact form that you can find here.


In any case, if you have completed the order process through our e-shop, but for some reason you’ve changed your mind, you can contact us before the order is sent, by sending an e-mail at info@venussecrets.com to cancel your order. In case you have received it, you should contact us the same or the next working day at info@venussecrets.com in order to return the product intact together with the associated document.


The company cannot provide replacement service. In case that consumers wish to change any product, they need to return the product to the company and make a new order. If the reason of returning a product is due to a company’s fault, then the company undertakes the transportation costs for the product’s return.


If you wish to return your order or part of it, you shall firstly inform the company.

A prerequisite is that the product has not been used and it is in its original packaging, in the same pristine condition in which you’ve received it, along with the payment receipt, including all the specific product labels (tags).

Note: All products returned to venussecrets.com undergo quality control. To avoid any inconvenience, we advise you to check the products’ condition and their packaging intact carefully at the time of delivery, in order to detect any potential problems. In the case in which a defect is found during the quality control of the returned product, the company shall contact the customer to solve the issue.

If you wish to return any purchased products, you shall send them to the following address:
25,Chrisostomou Smirnis Str
Piraeus Attika, 18540 Hellas
Phone: (0030) 210 4171703
Fax: (0030) 210 4226356



The venussecrets.com company informs its customers/visitors that we are able to edit the personal information according to the 2472/1997 Law and its amendments.

The visitor of our e-shop can browse around our website, without giving any personal information.

The venussecrets.com company needs only your typical information, such as your name and your address, in order the transaction can be completed successfully. Our company uses your personal information for the below reasons:

Shipping your order in the place, where you have already chosen.

Meeting the requirements of our products and services.

Becoming a member of our e-shop. That means that you can see your past orders, information about products which you chose, change your personal information and your password.

If you would like to receive our newsletter, which informs you about our new products and also about our offers.

Under no circumstances, the venussecrets.com sales, rents or publicizes your personal information to others (Article 11, Law 2472/1997). These information are used exclusively for improving our services. The exception is if these information are required with a judgement by the Law officers. You can check your personal information, by clicking the choice “My account”. There you can also change your personal information. If you want to delete your personal information, you need only to let us know.

Personal privacy is the password which you give when you become a member. In order to publicize whichever personal information, should firstly your email and password to be given. For that reason no one should know your account details.

Our company has the opportunity to change the terms of protection of our personal information after informing our visitors, users and customers in the existing or potential framework. If a visitor does not accept the terms of protection, should not use the services which are offered from our e-shop (venussecrets.com).

Using of our website is in the whole responsibility of the visitor/customer. We are not responsible for the malicious intervention of others.

Our visitors owe not to harm others with the malicious using of the website and not to violate their privacy.